In our humble opinion we are the best in Canada when it comes to sharpening cutters (all manufacturers). Our people take great pride in our re-sharpening program, and we guarantee all cutters will be like new – just the same as when you purchased them.


7/16” TO 1” CUTTER 1-1/16” TO 2” CUTTER 2-1/16” TO 3” CUTTER
$22 + tax $29 + tax $39 + tax

*LARGER (we love this!) please call or email with size for pricing.

Please enclose paper work with all cutters: company name, contacts, phone #, email. This will ensure a speedy turnaround of 24hrs.

NOTE: every mfg, has a different geometry and requires specific requirement from each sharpening, if for some reason you think you can do this yourself with a chainsaw file good luck and have 911 on speed dial….read on.

True story: One of our good customers from Ontario was in a bind and really needed his one annular cutter sharpened now, so he decided to sharpen his cutter himself and unfortunately had no idea about the cutter geometry at all. After he finished he proceeded to put the cutter on his mag drill, and as soon as it touched the metal it shattered into pieces. Fortunately for him he was smart enough to wear good eye protection and only received four stitches in his forehead, need I say any more!


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