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Why use Stack-Cut Geometry?

Hougen “12,000-Series” Annular Cutters with a Stack-Cut tooth geometry must be used whenever two or more plates are being drilled simultaneously. When drilling multiple pieces with traditional cutters, after the first piece is drilled, you need to stop and remove the slug before continuing on thru the second piece. Not a problem with stack cutters. Drill straight thru without stopping.

Most sizes of “12,000-Series” cutters are available from stock with stack cut geometry. All sizes are available by special request with stack-cut geometry. Hougen’s Technical Service Department should be contacted whenever special tooth geometry and applications will be necessary.

Carbide Cutters

Copperhead™ Carbide tipped cutters are premium tools with unique Hougen features. Designed for harder, rough, rusted, or more abrasive materials, but offer excellent performance in mild and structural steel applications.

These cutters feature a full length flute to pull chips out when deep in the hole. A thinner cutter wall improves cutting speed, while special Hougen tooth geometry optimizes cutter life and hole finish. Plus they now are available with the Fusion2™ style shank that fits Hougen mag drills and competitive one-touch arbors.

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