75004PR Electro-Hydraulic Hole Puncher


Portable electro-hydraulic punch with 16.9 tons of punching pressure can quickly punch through 3/8″ materials in 2.5 seconds. Easily confirm the hole position with the jog down feature. Punch automatically returns to the starting position after the punching cycle is complete. If punch ever resists returning to the home position, squeeze the trigger for power feed return. The 75004PR is a self contained unit that only requires electrical power. There is no separate hydraulics or power packs required. Includes: work stand, foot switch, 9/16″ punch & die, tool kit and carrying case.


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Pressure (Tons) 16.9
Approx. Punching Speed   2.5 secs
Max Hole Size - Round  25/32" - (20mm)
Max Hole Thickness - Round 3/8" - (9.5mm)
Max Hole Size - Oblong 9/16" x 13/16" (14mm x 21mm)
Max Hole Thickness - Oblong 3/8" - (9.5mm)
Max Throat Depth  1-9/16" - (40mm)
120V 50-60Hz AC 9.5 Amps / 1050 Watts
230V 50-60Hz AC  5 Amps / 1050 Watts
Weight (less work stand)  24.9 lbs - (11.3 kg)
Shipping Weight  41.2 lbs - (18.7 kg))

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