About Us

1986 that picture was taken, and we both just celebrated our twentieth birthday at my (future) wife’s parents home. Notice the glasses are empty and my (future) business partner looks wacked out! The odd part is, he’s the technical wizard in our company, and never has drank in his life…and quite frankly after seeing this picture he probably should stay sober. Our sister company has been in operating since 1972 and has always been 100-percent Canadian owned and operated. We are very proud of that!


At Canada Mag Drills we carry the same values that have made us successful over forty years … morals, that’s our big secret! if we tell you we will do it, then you can bet your life it will happen. Our country was built by our grandparents and our parents and back in their day a hand shake or yes was as good as gold, and we take those values very seriously – day in and out. We believe in a fair deal, and we believe in looking after each customer like a family member. While everybody wants the pie and cake ….we are happy with the coffee and donut, and most of all keeping a customer for life. This might sound corny to some, but this is us.


True story: I was in Saskatchewan on business a few years ago and pulled into a gas stations in Rosetown and was pumping my gas, and a car beside me also fueling up asked where I was going? I told him I was going to get a motel for the night in town ….and right there the guy invited me to his house for dinner with his three girls and two boys and a wife! Wow I had the time of my life getting to know these people and really appreciated their generosity …that’s what I’m talking about. Our company has worked very hard over forty years to build the reputation it has today and I can honestly say we always put our customer first.


Our founder Wolfgang Ganz has taught all of us at the workplace true values in life, and that getting the order ‘now’ is not as important as building a solid relationship! I believe you now have a solid understanding “about us”, so relax and enjoy our old school hospitality for generations to come..eh!


~Greg Ganz, Co-owner, Canada Mag Drills