Terms And Conditions

How do they say it, “GOOD LUCK! Don’t call us we will call you!” We have all heard “the great sales pitch” and dead end warranties to last a life time, right? We want you to be happy with your purchase, and have that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you know you’re covered. SO:

Tool Warranty on Mag Drills/Punchers

If the tool needs warranty work, you have one year from date of purchase – that includes parts and labour.  Just ship the tool to us for hassle-free, NO CHARGE work. BUT if you and your buddies decide to play a game of hockey on the frozen lake in northern Saskatchewan and use the mag drill as a goal post marker……and yes the ice cracks and the drill goes for a swim. Well, what the heck let’s talk about it, and see what we can do.


All cutters have been manufactured to precision for longer then you have been alive! Not much happens unless the operator has a memory lapse and forgets “mag drill procedures” while cutting. We will always work with our customers to find a solution, and a reason for your breakage.

*A Note on Lubricants

This might sound crazy but please do not put Rotomagic (cutting fluid) in your truck motor! YES this happened in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Customer ‘accidentally’ used as truck oil and game over !…..If your reading this Ben, we still will not pay for your new F350 diesel motor.

New Product Returns

So you bought it, and now you realize you don’t need it. Bummer! Shoot us an email (no guns) and tell us what happened?  Be creative and don’t leave out anything! We will do our best to re-adopt our product back with minimal $$$ lost, then credit your account so this won’t show on the visa statement (wife not happy)

Used Product Returns

AHHH  REALLY?  What the heck happened?  Now you really have to give us a “once in a life time email”  and explain this one to us! No guarantees, but we really want you to be part of our family so….(we will work something out)

Purchasing Online

In case you (or your legal team) are wondering: our website is built to code and all credit card transactions are 100% Level-One PCI Compliant, whether you’re ordering from your desktop computer, or your iPad or Blackberry, your smart TV, or your smart refrigerator!